Zombies for Health

Zombies are sweeping the nation!  They’re on your TV, in the theaters, and now chasing you when you run.  Our co-founder Jake Koenig went running with zombies this past weekend, and describes his experience below.

I was first introduced to this concept when a friend gifted me Zombies Run, an app that you listen to while you run.  It takes you to a post-apocalyptic world in which you’re sent on missions to collect supplies, make contact with other humans, and save lives.  While on these missions zombies might start chasing you at any time. You hear their raspy breath in your ears as you sprint to outrun them. The app uses GPS to know if you pick up the pace or not, and you either outrun the zoms or . . . well, you’ll have to try the app out to find out. Each time you run, a new piece of the story unfolds, so it’s a bit like living in an evolving zombie show with twists and turns in the plot every time you hit the pavement.  You can even play your own music in the background.  It’s definitely a fun way to change things up.

With the explosion of fun runs, such as Tough Mudder, and Color Run, it’s no surprise that Zombie Runs are now popping up across the country.  When I found out that the above mentioned friend (she must have a thing for zombies. . . ) was signed up for Zombies Take Manhattan hosted by NYCRuns, I decided that I better sign up to keep her safe from the walking dead!

On Saturday morning we met on Roosevelt Island where hordes of bloody, bone showing, pale faced, droopy eyed zombies (these guys take the makeup seriously!) were waiting for us to attempt our 5k run.  We got two flags, or “brains” that the zombies try to snatch from our waist (think flag football) as we run the circumference of the island and try to make it to the checkpoints.

I’m pretty sure all the runners were “dead” by the time we reached the finish line.  I personally didn’t even make it to the first checkpoint with both my flags! But even without my brains, I had a great time running the race amongst these surprisingly spunky zombies.

Signing your team up at the office for themed runs is a great way to encourage healthy habits.  For the rough Crossfit types, go for the Tough Mudder.  For a fun, low-key playful run, try a Color Run.  And for those in love with todays hottest pop culture characters, Zombies, a Zombie Run is a perfect field trip from the office.  Activities like these are an important part of building a company culture promoting health, camaraderie, and fun– crucial elements for an effective and creative workforce.