Our Team


FitYourSpace works with a robust team of office health specialists,
including personal trainers, health coaches, interior designers and manufacturers
who develop creative office solutions customized for each client.


Our Founders

  • Jake Koenig


    Jake has worked as a health coach since 2006—and has a lifelong interest in sports, fitness, and the outdoors. After years of working closely with a wide spectrum of clients, Jake found again and again that the most common impediment to a healthy lifestyle is the sedentary hours so many of us spend in the office. Armed with an ever-growing body of research that supported his observations, Jake founded FitYourSpace to help redesign the modern workplace. A meeting with Jake may involve standing, stretching, or walking, and his colleagues tease him for insisting on biking to work no matter what the weather.

  • Allison Whaley


    Allison has worked in the public health sector for years, both domestically and abroad. However, it took working in a cubicle of a Fortune 500 company for her to realize that it’s the traditional office culture standing between Americans and a healthy lifestyle. She joined FitYourSpace to help revolutionize a new office environment. Allison has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and an MPA from the NYU Wagner School of Public Service. She’s a gardener at heart, and has been known to bring homemade canned goods to client meetings.