Who We Are

Our Mission


FitYourSpace is reinventing the modern workplace.
We inspire radical shifts in office design and culture, transforming offices
into healthier spaces with happier, more productive employees.

FitYourSpace: A better way to work.

Our Team


FitYourSpace is a New York City based company with a robust team of office health specialists,
including interior designers, architects, manufacturers, and health coaches
who develop creative office solutions customized for each client.



Our Founders

  • Jake Koenig


    Jake has worked as a health coach since 2006—and has a lifelong interest in sports, fitness, and the outdoors. After years of working closely with a wide spectrum of clients, Jake found again and again that the most common impediment to a healthy lifestyle is the sedentary hours so many of us spend in the office. Armed with an ever-growing body of research that supported his observations, Jake founded FitYourSpace to help redesign the modern workplace. A meeting with Jake may involve standing, stretching, or walking, and his colleagues tease him for insisting on biking to work no matter what the weather.

  • Allison Whaley


    Allison has worked in the public health sector for years, both domestically and abroad. However, it took working in a cubicle of a Fortune 500 company for her to realize that it’s the traditional office culture standing between Americans and a healthy lifestyle. She joined FitYourSpace to help revolutionize a new office environment. Allison has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and an MPA from the NYU Wagner School of Public Service. She’s a gardener at heart, and has been known to bring homemade canned goods to client meetings.