The Healthy Office

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    It’s time to rethink the office! Healthy employees are more productive and take fewer sick days. FitYourSpace works with you to design an office with the best health outcomes for your team. The concept is simple: encourage your employees to move throughout the day. Below we’ve outlined some essential elements for a healthy office.

    Interested in implementing these ideas? That’s what we’re here for. Contact us for a customized plan to fit your space.

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    • Option to stand

      Studies indicate that being sedentary for hours at a time is bad for our health. Thus, providing employees with the option to stand during the day is one of the most important ways to improve company-wide health.

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    • Standing Meetings

      Provide your team with a collaborative area where they can have standing meetings. They’ll be more efficient and healthier than seated meetings.

      What’s even more impressive is that recent research has shown that standing meetings can even lead to improved team work, collaboration, and performance!

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    • Standing Meetings
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    • Kitchen and Snacks

      Providing employees with a refrigerator and a microwave is relatively standard office protocol. It is less common to fill that kitchen with healthful food that bolsters employee productivity.

      Mixed nuts, fresh fruit, carrot sticks and hummus is a good place to start.

    • Active Workstations

      The best position is the next position! In other words, it’s best to stay moving throughout the day. In addition to having standing desks to allow employees to be up on their feet, there are several products that will allow employees to move while they’re at their computers.

      Such items as treadmill desks, desk peddlers, and even desk ellipticals can help employees stay healthy and energized throughout the day.

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    • Bike Rack

      Providing a safe place for employees to lock and store their bikes will encourage them to ride to and from work.

      Bike commuting is a great way to get a bit of exercise every day.

    • Room to Move

      Creativity, mood, and energy level all improve with movement. Thus, it’s essential to provide employees with a space to leave their desks and move briefly during the day. Gyms are not necessary — designating a room for employees to stretch or do short exercise circuits is a simple and effective solution.

      Click the link below to see our suggested Room to Move.

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    • Plants

      Studies have shown that plants not only filter harmful chemicals from the air, but they actually reduce stress on workers and increase productivity.

    • Natural Light

      Light plays an extremely important role in our mood and energy level. Ideally, every employee can see a window from their desk.

      For companies in which rearranging desks is not an option, consider replacing old fluorescent tubes with full spectrum lights.

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    • Shower

      Providing a shower for employees will make it more likely that they bike commute or break up the day with an afternoon workout.