• Redefining Healthy Business

    Want to see the FitYourSpace concept in action? The companies on the right are excellent examples of FitYourSpace practices put to work. From a technology startup to an investment company to a law firm, these businesses make employee health a priority, recognizing its effects on work quality, productivity, and employee retention. Check out the innovative steps they’ve taken toward a healthy workplace.

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  • Boundless

    Technology startup
    Boston, MA

    Founded in 2011, Boundless had the advantage of working with a clean slate when designing their office. They recognized the importance of a healthy workforce, and shaped their office and culture accordingly. The Boundless office is designed to encourage employee health, creativity, and productivity.

    • Standing desks available for employees to use
    • Abundant Plants
    • Bike Storage
    • Ping-pong table
    • Rock climbing pull-up board above doorway

    • Healthy snacks such as tea, nuts, and dried fruits, provided to employees

    • Work breaks and naps are permitted when necessary (breaks and naps have been shown to increase productivity and problem solving abilities)
    • Weekly running group


  • ffVC

    Venture Capital firm
    New York, NY

    When ffVC moved to their midtown office in 2011, they had a new vision for what an office should look like. As a venture capital firm, their employees spend long hours at the computer, but they didn’t want their team to sacrifice health for work. Here are some of the choices they made to create a healthier office.

    • Electronically adjustable sit-to-stand desks with anti-fatigue mats for every employee
    • Stability balls situated throughout the office to be used as chairs or for short exercise breaks
    • An open floor plan allowing natural light to be shared

    When hosting lunches and dinners, ffVC sticks to the following guidelines:
    • Always offer a vegetarian/vegan option
    • Serve healthy desserts, such as fruit
    • Always have tea and fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices
    • Minimize processed foods
    • The staff has a shared Dropbox folder containing a list of local restaurants that serve healthy food

    • Staff is allowed to wear whatever footwear they please. Partner David Teten often sports the minimalist shoes, Sockwas
    • Taking breaks from your desk to workout is allowed and encouraged
    • Beer and wine kept in office for Fridays and long days at the office

    See their detailed blog entry here.

  • Schweet Linde & Coulson, PLLC

    Law Firm
    Seattle, WA

    After growing from a single lawyer to a team of 17, Schweet Linde & Coulson moved into a new building in 2011, renovated, and turned the old warehouse space into a small gym. However, what’s more notable than exercise equipment on site is the office culture this team has cultivated. Managing partner Laurin Schweet takes great measures to encourage her employees to adopt healthy life habits.

    • Gym on site
    • Towels and lockers provided
    • Indoor bike rack
    • Showers
    • Printers on separate floor from offices!
    • Stability balls available as chairs

    • Flexible work hours: “Come and go as you like, just get your work done” is the motto
    • Mid-day breaks to use the gym facilities or go for a run is allowed and encouraged
    • No specific dress code: employees can wear sneakers or whatever is comfortable
    • Company organizes fitness challenges with prizes
    • Company will pay for entry in athletic events such as 5Ks, half-marathons, and triathlons

    Schweet Linde & Coulson, PLLC