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  • The Need for Change


    For many of us, leading a healthy lifestyle and working in an office feel mutually exclusive. FitYourSpace breaks down this barrier, transforming the office into a crucial component of employee health. Most importantly, our work is based on years of research on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

    Read about the research here.


    The Healthy Office


    It’s time to rethink the office! Healthy employees are more productive and take fewer sick days. FitYourSpace works with you to design an office with the best health outcomes for your team. Here we’ve outlined some essential elements for a healthy office.

    Room to Move

    Building a typical gym can be costly and impractical for many companies, but you can still create a space for your team to move!


    Fit Companies


    Many companies make employee health a priority, recognizing that personal well-being is intertwined with work quality, productivity, and employee retention. Our team continually hunts for companies taking innovative steps towards a healthy workplace.

    Here we feature those companies that we most admire.