Walking for Corporate Wellness

National Walking Day is April 2nd! This is a fantastic opportunity to show your employees that you support them in their pursuit of health. Do it! It’s easy: take 30 minutes out of your day to go on a walk with your staff. It demonstrates that your company is aware of the challenges inherent in sedentary jobs and that you support healthful activities at the office. It will invite a conversation about health, and can serve as a platform to launch your corporate wellness program. Or, more simply, it’ll be a fun, one-time event to bring your staff together and increase health awareness. Either way, your employees will thank you.

AHA National Walking DayThe American Heart Association has an extensive Walking Day Toolkit. It has tremendous resources to help you organize the event, including email and voicemail templates, printable flyers, and various ideas to increase employee engagement. If you want to go the extra mile, they also have documents such as “Warm Weather Fitness Guide,” “Cold Weather Fitness Guide” (very necessary with this endless winter!), detailed plans for extending the walking program into a 4 week challenge, and even healthy recipes like Black Bean Salad and Tailgate Chili.

Sign up on the American Heart Association website to gain access to these resources, and on April 2nd, walk 30 minutes with your team. A robust corporate wellness program can be difficult to implement for many companies, so it becomes crucial to capitalize on low cost opportunities like this one.

One of the American Heart Association’s suggestions for generating excitement about the event is to host a health seminar. Well, guess who has an awesome seminar about office health? You guessed it! We do. Get in touch if you’d like to schedule this interactive, research-based workshop on how to stay healthy at the office. Click here to learn more.

See you out there April 2nd!