Tales from a Standing Desk Convert

Every now and then, we receive an email that leaves us smiling for days. The below message is from someone who asked if we could help him in his efforts to purchase a standing desk. After consulting with him about his office setup and specific needs, we determined that the Kangaroo Elite desk was the best fit for him. He purchased one from us, and 2 weeks later this email landed in our inbox:

Dear FYS,

Working at a standup desk has been great!  I can’t imagine ever switching back.

After sitting for 10 hours a day, it’s easy to become lethargic and sleepy.  The mental effect of standing has caused me to feel more productive and attentive at work.  I can pace the office while I think, I can move freely and eliminate the feeling of restlessness…it really seems to bring a whole new phenomenon to the workplace.  Not to mention all the health benefits that I don’t even notice on a day to day basis.

This is the first standup desk in my entire firm.  Other people are interested, whether they will admit to it or not.  There is one colleague in particular who is very health conscious, and I can tell he has taken a liking to the idea.  He’s right on the fence…and I think he’ll eventually convert.  If you can send me your favorite article on this topic —  one that discusses the harmful effects of sitting all day and the benefits of standing – that just may do the trick.

Thanks again your help and for greatly improving my health and productivity at work.

Ziegler Investment Banking
Chicago, IL

Thanks for your kind words, Zack, and for sending us the photo–it really illustrates how seamlessly the desk fits into your workspace. Lastly, in answer to your question, we recommend our “See the Research” page here. We also have a blog post on just this topic.

Keep on standing!