Treadmill Desk

  • Standing Desks, Cornhole, and Shooting Ranges– How Does Your Company Build Community?

    Whack! A beanbag smacks against a wooden board, slides through a hole, and the office erupts in cheers! This is the first thing I witness upon walking through the office doors of Salo, a staffing agency in Minneapolis. It’s 11:00am on a Wednesday morning and the staff is playing cornhole (or doghouse, or bagtoss, depending […]

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  • Study: Treadmill Desks Improve Productivity

    We’ve seen first hand that moving more throughout the day improves work productivity, but scientific studies making the direct connection have been scarce. Most reports on the subject are anecdotal– that is, until now. A year-long study recently concluded that allowing employees to walk on treadmills at their desks improves work performance. This is great […]

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  • How the Doctors Stay Healthy

    We were honored when the group of doctors from Proscan Imaging asked for our help in redesigning their office. Radiologists, like most of us with full-time jobs, spend the majority of their day sitting in front of a screen. Given the accumulating science pointing out the ill effects of being sedentary, they wanted us to […]

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