Standing Meetings

  • Standing Desks, Cornhole, and Shooting Ranges– How Does Your Company Build Community?

    Whack! A beanbag smacks against a wooden board, slides through a hole, and the office erupts in cheers! This is the first thing I witness upon walking through the office doors of Salo, a staffing agency in Minneapolis. It’s 11:00am on a Wednesday morning and the staff is playing cornhole (or doghouse, or bagtoss, depending […]

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  • The Best Standing Desks for Your Office

    If you’ve seen the headlines that read “Sitting is the New Smoking,” you’ve probably started thinking about alternatives to your desk chair. Great! We applaud you for that, and we want to help. There is a plethora of standing desk options, and it can be hard to determine which is the best for your unique space. Here we’ve outlined the best standing […]

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  • Standing Meetings Improve Performance

    Standing meetings are on the rise! In 2011, a survey of 6,042 tech companies found that 78% held daily standing meetings (often referred to as the daily scrum). Most of these companies hold standing meetings for efficiency’s sake, and the research supports this. A study in 1998 found that standing meetings are a third shorter than sitting meetings but […]

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