• Standing Desks, Cornhole, and Shooting Ranges– How Does Your Company Build Community?

    Whack! A beanbag smacks against a wooden board, slides through a hole, and the office erupts in cheers! This is the first thing I witness upon walking through the office doors of Salo, a staffing agency in Minneapolis. It’s 11:00am on a Wednesday morning and the staff is playing cornhole (or doghouse, or bagtoss, depending […]

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  • The Best Standing Desks for Your Office

    If you’ve seen the headlines that read “Sitting is the New Smoking,” you’ve probably started thinking about alternatives to your desk chair. Great! We applaud you for that, and we want to help. There is a plethora of standing desk options, and it can be hard to determine which is the best for your unique space. Here we’ve outlined the best standing […]

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  • Exercise at Your Desk Part II: Cubii Product Review

    The Cubii is an elliptical machine that fits snugly under your desk, allowing you to exercise while you work. Last week they finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign that ensured they’ll add to the growing field of office health products, joining the ranks of standing desks (some with their own successful Kickstarter campains), treadmill desks, and Desk Peddlers. When they asked us […]

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  • Kickstarter’s Standing Desk Innovations

    Standing Desks

    We’re very excited here at the FYS headquarters. Why? Because we just bought some awesome stuff. That’s why. We’re proud to support these standing desk innovators on Kickstarter as they go into their initial production runs. These two sleek designs are very different, and both look awesome in their own right. An obstacle to health […]

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  • How the Doctors Stay Healthy

    We were honored when the group of doctors from Proscan Imaging asked for our help in redesigning their office. Radiologists, like most of us with full-time jobs, spend the majority of their day sitting in front of a screen. Given the accumulating science pointing out the ill effects of being sedentary, they wanted us to […]

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  • Standing Desks: Products on the Market

    Our last blog post outlined several studies reporting the adverse effects of a sitting all day. To follow that post, we’ve created a guide for mitigating those effects in the best way we know: giving employees the option to stand while they work. This is the first step towards building a healthier office space. To achieve […]

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