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  • Standing Desks: Products on the Market

    Our last blog post outlined several studies reporting the adverse effects of a sitting all day. To follow that post, we’ve created a guide for mitigating those effects in the best way we know: giving employees the option to stand while they work. This is the first step towards building a healthier office space. To achieve […]

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  • Standing Desks and Why They’re Good for You

    It’s an exciting time to be working at the intersection of office design and employee management. Companies have realized the importance of a healthy staff, and they’re investing to make it happen. The potential payoff is huge– healthy employees take fewer sick days and are more productive at work. These two factors alone can give […]

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  • Out with the Cubes!

    The classic cubicle is growing out of fashion. Techniques to increase employee interaction are on the rise, and a lot of innovative concepts are being tested. The Wall Street Journal outlined a few interesting examples last week. You can read the article here. Some noteworthy design concepts: Google’s new 1.1 million-square-foot complex: Every worker is […]

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