• Exercise at Your Desk Part II: Cubii Product Review

    The Cubii is an elliptical machine that fits snugly under your desk, allowing you to exercise while you work. Last week they finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign that ensured they’ll add to the growing field of office health products, joining the ranks of standing desks (some with their own successful Kickstarter campains), treadmill desks, and Desk Peddlers. When they asked us […]

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  • Kickstarter’s Standing Desk Innovations

    Standing Desks

    We’re very excited here at the FYS headquarters. Why? Because we just bought some awesome stuff. That’s why. We’re proud to support these standing desk innovators on Kickstarter as they go into their initial production runs. These two sleek designs are very different, and both look awesome in their own right. An obstacle to health […]

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