• All Entrepreneurs Should Rock Climb

    I wrote this blog entry for a networking group I co-organize called Startup Climbing. We’re a group of entrepreneurs who get together to climb, network, and learn. The concepts here are applicable to team building and being a strong performer at the office, so I’m reposting it here. Enjoy! Every Wednesday night I rock climb with a […]

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  • Punch Your Colleague in His Face!

    It was a dreary day in Manhattan the day before Thanksgiving. A constant rain filled the streets with that mucky water any urban veteran knows to avoid. Under hoods and black umbrellas, the group made their way through crowded sidewalks. Just west of 5th avenue on 28th street, they ducked out of the rain to […]

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  • A Gym for $5000

    The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a 300 acre complex of buildings that once produced enormous warships for the US Navy. No longer commissioned, the buildings and land are being developed for local enterprises in need of industrial space. In charge of developing this expansive property is the non-profit BNYDC. We were recently tasked with the […]

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