• Walking for Corporate Wellness

    National Walking Day is April 2nd! This is a fantastic opportunity to show your employees that you support them in their pursuit of health. Do it! It’s easy: take 30 minutes out of your day to go on a walk with your staff. It demonstrates that your company is aware of the challenges inherent in […]

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  • Punch Your Colleague in His Face!

    It was a dreary day in Manhattan the day before Thanksgiving. A constant rain filled the streets with that mucky water any urban veteran knows to avoid. Under hoods and black umbrellas, the group made their way through crowded sidewalks. Just west of 5th avenue on 28th street, they ducked out of the rain to […]

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  • Zombies for Health

    Zombies are sweeping the nation!  They’re on your TV, in the theaters, and now chasing you when you run.  Our co-founder Jake Koenig went running with zombies this past weekend, and describes his experience below. I was first introduced to this concept when a friend gifted me Zombies Run, an app that you listen to while […]

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