Standing Desks: Products on the Market

Our last blog post outlined several studies reporting the adverse effects of a sitting all day. To follow that post, we’ve created a guide for mitigating those effects in the best way we know: giving employees the option to stand while they work. This is the first step towards building a healthier office space.

To achieve this, you have three main options.

The best, and most expensive, solution is an electronic, height-adjustable, sit-to-stand desk. These desks allow you to sit or stand whenever you choose, with your desktop items adjusting effortlessly. Electronic standing desks come in a range of size and quality. Some notable brands include Geekdesk, NextDesk, Humanscale (this is actually pnumatic, not electric), Anthro, and Workrite.

For those not interested or able to spend $1,000 or more on a new desk, cheaper options include desk converters. These are placed on top of your current desk and adjust only your monitor and keyboard. Popular products in this category are The Kangaroo and the the Ergotron Workfit-S.

Cheaper still are non-adjustable options such as the Standee, which is ideal for laptop use. Even if you do most of your work from an office desktop, you can still use this with a personal laptop or for non-computer work, doing some of your daily emails, phone calls, or readings while standing.

For the DIYers out there, here’s a version using Ikea parts for $22, complete with assembly instructions courtesy of Colin Nederkoorn: Ikea Standing Desk 

Even with these recommendations, it can be hard to know what’s best for your space. FitYourSpace specializes in outfitting offices to create healthier environments for employees. We work within a company’s budget to create the optimal solution to meet your needs. We have partnerships with manufacturers, architects, and interior designers, bringing price efficient, beautifully integrated solutions to your office. Give us a call or shoot us an email for a free consultation.