Kickstarter’s Standing Desk Innovations

Standing Desks

We’re very excited here at the FYS headquarters. Why? Because we just bought some awesome stuff. That’s why.

We’re proud to support these standing desk innovators on Kickstarter as they go into their initial production runs. These two sleek designs are very different, and both look awesome in their own right.

An obstacle to health should never be financial cost, but it’s hard to a find standing desk option that doesn’t put a serious dent in your budget (see our previous post on products). If you’ve got the wallet for it, an electronic height-adjustable desk is definitely the way to go, but if you’re like many of us, you’re looking for something a bit cheaper.

UpstandingDesk1Upstanding DeskUpStanding Desk3One problem people face is that they already have a desk they like and don’t want to replace the whole thing. If you’re in this boat, the UpStanding desk might be for you. Currently running a Kickstarter campaign, you can pick one up for $225. While the UpStanding desk doesn’t have full sit-to-stand adjustability like the Ergotron Workfit-S or the Kangaroo Desk (both great products), it’s also about half the price. With different levels for your keyboard and monitor, each with several height options, it can accommodate laptop and desktop users in a number of configurations. It seems like a good balance between price and functionality, and we can’t wait to take it for a test ride! Here’s their Kickstarter campaign if you want in on the action. (If you’re still balking at the price tag, you should give this $22 Ikea hack a shot).

Cardboard Standing DeskCardboard Standing Desk1Cardboard Standing Desk3Ready for an entirely new standing desk, but price is a BIG factor? If you set aside your outdated notions of what a desk should be made of, then your search is over. The Cardboard Standing Desk is the most creative and affordable (with bonus points for sustainable!) standing desk we’ve seen.

That’s right, cardboard. Zachary Rotholz is founder of chairigami (, a store based in New Haven that makes all cardboard furniture, and now he wants to help people stand up while they work. Concerned about strength? This standing desk can hold 300 lbs! For $85, that’s tough to beat. Here’s their Kickstarter campaign if you’d like to be one of the first to sport this office innovation.

Congrats to Mikey Chen and Sam Carmichael of UpStanding Desk and Zachary Rotholz of Cardboard Standing Desk! Thanks for helping people everywhere stand up for their health.

At FitYourSpace, we’re experts in office health and we know standing desks inside and out. Contact us if you’d like to learn what works best in your space. Whether you’re renovating an existing office or building out a new one, we’ll make it a healthy and movement-friendly place for a happier, more productive team.

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