How the Doctors Stay Healthy

We were honored when the group of doctors from Proscan Imaging asked for our help in redesigning their office. Radiologists, like most of us with full-time jobs, spend the majority of their day sitting in front of a screen. Given the accumulating science pointing out the ill effects of being sedentary, they wanted us to create a room that would keep their doctors healthy while they read MRIs all day. Here are the three simple steps we took to ensure these doctors optimize their health.

1) Standing desk

IMG_1375 We’re big proponents of working on your feet. Standing instead of sitting burns more calories, improves your metabolism, and increases life expectancy. This was achieved quite simply by affixing the desk to the wall at standing height. With an elevated office chair, the doctors can still sit periodically, but they report that almost all of their readings are now done while standing. To prevent their feet from getting tired, we got them a GelPro anti-fatigue mat.


2) Treadmill desk

While standing requires more muscle activation than sitting, walking is even better. Walking at at a mere 1 mph can burn up to 3 times as many calories as sitting. LifeSpan Fitness has a line of treadmills specifically designed to keep up a slow, steady pace for extended periods of time. Regular walking has been shown to not only burn additional calories, but to stave off illnesses such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


3) Free weights

These doctors like to hit the gym but don’t always have the time. For those long days when making it to the gym is not an option, they have these Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. Taking a break from staring at a screen to knock out some shoulder presses can give you a surprising boost of energy!

Congrats to Proscan Images on their new movement-friendly office! We’re proud to have helped a group of doctors live a healthier life.

Want to find out how to redesign your space to create a healthier and more productive office? Give us a shout and we’ll put our team on it. We work with designers, health coaches, and equipment manufacturers to create the healthiest work spaces possible. Like the equipment you see? We have package discounts available as well.