Get More Done and Do It Better

We’re all well aware of the physical benefits of exercise. It tones muscles, sheds fat, and makes us stronger, faster, better, right? Well, yes. And that’s awesome, but the cognitive benefits are what make exercise a win-win for companies who promote it. If you exercise before or during work, you’ll get more done and you’ll do it better.

When Richard Branson (founder of over 400 companies, including the Virgin brands) was asked how to be more productive, he responded simply: “Work out.” One of the greatest pieces of feedback we hear from participants in our office fitness program is that employees feel more productive on the days they exercise before work.

Not only are you more productive after exercise, but you are actually better equipped to make decisions. Exercise boosts blood flow to the frontal lobes of your brain, the area responsible for executive function– thinking ahead, reasoning and self control.

The team at ffvc in NYC takes a mid-day break to stretch and move.

The team at ffvc, a venture capital firm in NYC, takes a mid-day break to stretch and move with FitYourSpace.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine analyzed 19 different studies that examined the correlation between exercise and executive function. They found that people who worked out right before test-taking showed better concentration and self-control than the non-exercising control groups (1). Furthermore, a study out of the University of Bristol showed that on days people exercised, they managed their time and handled their workload better than on days they did not (2).

Corporate wellness policies should not just allow employees to take breaks during the day to exercise– they should encourage it. Doing so will transform your staff into a more productive and focused team. In essence, you’ll be superstars.

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