Feel Better in 4 Minutes! An Office Exercise Video for Active Work Breaks

Taking regular breaks from your desk is important for your productivity and your health (see our blog post here about regular breaks and work productivity). As for your health, a recent study found that taking a 5 minute walk every hour helps offset much of the damage caused by sitting all day.

Our recommendation is to stand up from your chair every 30-60 minutes and get your body moving. What should you do during those breaks? To answer that question, we’ve created a series of Get Up! FitYourSpace Office Videos to help you take active breaks during the workday. In this video I lead you through simple stretches that will improve your posture and reduce neck and back pain. It’s only 4 minutes long and can be done right in your cubicle or office.

Check back next week for a video that will lift your heart rate and boost your energy.


– Jake Koenig, cofounder and CEO, FitYourSpace

Disclaimer – Use common sense when performing any exercises or stretches. If you have injuries, it’s best to check with your doctor before engaging in exercise or stretching programs. While these exercises are intended to be done at the office, not all office environments are friendly to such movement. Don’t get fired. FitYourSpace and Jake Koenig will not be liable for loss of, well, anything. Enjoy!