• We’ll make your office healthy.

    We’ll introduce standing desks, organize group workouts, and modify existing spaces.

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  • Good Health
    is Good Business

    That’s why we’re dedicated to rethinking the office.

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  • The Need For Change

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  • FitYourSpace works with companies large and small to create offices that are healthier, happier and more productive.

    • What We Do

      The FitYourSpace concept is simple: allow and encourage your employees to move throughout the day. We introduce standing desks, organize group workouts, modify existing spaces, and more!

    • Read the Research

      For many of us, leading a healthy lifestyle and working in an office feel mutually exclusive. FitYourSpace breaks down this barrier, transforming the office into a crucial component of employee health.

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      Want to learn how we can FitYourSpace? Email us at hello@fityourspace.com or drop us a line at 347-651-0656.

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  • The Need for Change

    • Improved fitness levels are directly correlated with ability to focus on work
    • Employees are more productive on days they exercise
    • $500 Billion is the annual cost of lost productivity (presenteeism) in the United States
    • Daily sitting decreases life expectancy
    • Healthy employees use fewer sick days
    • Exercise boosts creativity